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Meet Jeff Bonnell, GCDHH’s own former Hard of Hearing board member!

Tell us about yourself (occupation, married, children, etc..)

Greetings I’m Jeff Bonnell, State Director for GA for the Hearing Loss Association of America and I am from Worthington, Ohio. I was born deaf in my right ear. My left ear compensated for my deaf ear so well most people didn’t know I was deaf in one ear. That was until I had a minor stroke in 1999. I lost 95% of my hearing in my ‘good’ ear. My excellent audiologist fitted me with a hearing aid and I could hear! Over the next 15 years, my hearing deteriorated and stronger hearing aids helped. Then in 2015, I could hear but I could no longer understand ‘ I had outgrown my hearing aid. Cochlear implant surgery followed and my hearing has improved immensely. I hear and I understand! I learned to read lips as a youngster and I still use that skill to ‘fill in’ for words I didn’t hear.


MAY, 4, 2021

What is CODA?

What is a CODA?

CODA is an abbreviation for “Child of Deaf Adult(s).” It is a person who was raised by one or both parents that are Deaf. CODAs have a unique perspective of life as they often find themselves paralleling with both hearing and Deaf worlds. CODAs can overhear things that their Deaf parents cannot hear such as comments from passerby or background noise. In addition, CODAs are usually in the middle of controversies where in certain circumstances, they become a “spokesperson” or “translator” for their parents – a method that is unethical and endangering to both the child and parents.
CODAs are among the Deaf community’s most staunch allies as they often get a real glimpse of the Deaf world’s lifestyle, culture, and hardship. We applaud and support our CODAS, and recognize their unique position in life.


JUN, 9, 2021